Araku Valley Tourism | Best Places To Visit In Araku

Araku Valley Tourism
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Araku Valley Tourism | Best Places To Visit In Araku

Araku Valley Travelgang
Araku Valley

Araku valley is the most popular hill station with an attitude of 1300 M above the sea level which s located in Vishakapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh state. This place is surrounded by beautiful waterfalls, lush green forests, high mountains, foggy clouds, and pleasing climate. The Araku Valley lies beside of Raktakonda, Galikonda, Chitamogondi, and Sunkarimetta. Among them, Galikonda Hill is the tallest hill of Andhra Pradesh.

Araku Train Journey
Araku Valley Train Journey

Araku Valley is the most beautiful and enjoying the journey in rail as the rail passes through Tunnels, Hillsides, and streams. Tourists will enjoy the rail journey compare to other transport facilities. Majority of travelers and locals prefer to visit Araku Valley to enjoy the sightseeing. This valley looks stunning in freezing temperatures sometimes it goes down to 5-degree celsius.

Dhimsa Dance In Araku
Dhimsa Dance In Araku

Araku Valley is also famous for coffee plantations. You can observe Araku still follows the lifestyle of its ancient tribes. There are thousands of people who work as farmhands and helpers in these Coffee Plantations. Even Araku Valley is famous for trekking. Most the tourists will go for trekking and enjoy nature. Not only that one can enjoy sports like hiking and rappelling.

Best Places To Visit In Araku :

Borra Caves :

Borra Caves or Borra Guhalu is one of the largest caves in India with a height of 1500 Feet above sea level situated in Anantagiri Hills of Andhra Pradesh. These caves spread over 2 sq Km and originated from the Gosthani River. These caves are created due to the flow of the river. This cave is discovered by a British Geologist William King in the year of 1807.

Borra Caves Travelgang
Borra Caves

The Borra Caves are basically made of Karstic limestone structure extending to a depth of 80 M. These caves are also beautifully shaped stalagmites and stalactites. Inside you will find the unique structure of Shiv-Parvati, Mother-Child, Temples, Human Brain and Tiger, and Cows Udder.

Borra Caves Inside View
Borra Caves Inside View

According to past, Once cowherd lost his cow and searching for the cow that he found these caves and went inside the caves found Shiva Linga so that cowherd believe that Lord Shiva saved my cow. After this, a small temple was built right outside these caves. While walking the caves tourists enjoy sightseeing and lush green surroundings.

Katiki Waterfalls :

Katiki Waterfalls Travelgang
Katiki Waterfalls

Katiki or Katika Waterfall is on the Gosthani River and falls down from a height of 100 feet located near to Borra Caves in Vishakapatnam area of Andhra Pradesh. The Katiki is derived from the name of the village nearby. This waterfall is surrounded by a beautiful forest and lush green. Tourist will enjoy the scenic beauty and spend their leisure time in this place.

Katiki Waterfalls Pond
Katiki Waterfalls Pond

There is a small pond at the bottom of the waterfall where you can take a bath and enjoy nature. It takes more than 25 Minutes trek to reach this waterfalls. This is good place for trekking to travelers and has great adventures. Cooking and camping are also available at this place. Never forget to eat bamboo chicken which is made by local tribal peoples at this place.

No private vehicle is allowed at this place so you need to go by jeeps.

Tribal Museum :

Tribal Museum is one of the prime attractions is situated in Araku Valley. It explores the tribal culture of the Eastern Ghats and this museum established in 1996. Moreover, this museum is built with mud and clay.

Tribal Museum Araku
Tribal Museum

The museum has no historical background but displays the lifestyle and culture of tribal. This museum is divided into two sections, the first section comes related to tribal lifestyle and dance of native tribes whereas the second section comes to Tribal Arts and Crafts Centre. Even you will find musical instruments and wall paintings.

Tribal Museum Inside
Tribal Museum Inside View

If you like anything in second section possible to purchase in shops available in the museum only. There is a few photographs display that the tribal wedding ceremony looks very interesting at the entrance. Inside you can see artifacts like jewelry, hunting tools, and kitchen accessories.

Ananthagiri Hill :

Ananthagiri Hill is a small hill station with an altitude of 1168 M situated in between Vizag and Araku Valley. This place is famous for Coffee Plantations and Numerous Waterfalls which looks amazing together. The Hill of Anantagiri is also called as Badrinath Of The South.

Ananthagiri Hills
Ananthagiri Hills

Ananthagiri is also called as Health Station. Tourists will relax and take a break of their stress life. Many Telugu Movies were shooted here. There are various types of Hotels and Resorts. Not only Coffee Plantation even it produces many medicinal plants and herbs which is used for patients. The River Muchkanda originates from Anantagiri and flows along with several streams.

Ananthagiri Resorts
Ananthagiri Resorts

The hill resorts are a perfect place to stay in summer. The beauty of this hill is a calm and pleasant atmosphere. You can see the Dhimas Dance at festival time or sometimes in resorts were 15-20 women form a chain and dance with their tribal dresses and ornaments. This gives tourists has a different experience. Some resorts offer Bonfire to enjoy with your friends and families.

Chaparai Waterfalls :

Chaparai Waterfall is also known as Dumbriguda Waterfall is popular site for the picnicking and beautiful stream flowing through big rock formation situated on Paderu to Araku Road in Vishakapatnam. This place is preferred locations for Telugu filmmakers and done many movies here.

Chaparai Waterfall
Chaparai Waterfalls

Chaparai Waterfall is surrounded by forest area and beautiful nature where people can relax and spend their time. During Rainy season it is not better to go into water flow area was the flow will be high and dangerous whereas In winter season the flow of water is less and you can make bathing or swimming at this time.

Bamboo Chicken In Araku
Bamboo Chicken In Araku

Travelers go for trekking in this place. Tourists with nature lovers will surely enjoy this place and take a few photographs here. This water cascade is beautiful to visit with family and friends. Here you will find famous Andhra Bamboo Chicken. Must try It.

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