Manali Tourism | Best Places To Visit In Manali

Manali Tourism
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Manali Tourism | Best Places To Visit In Manali

Manali is a breathtakingly hill and honeymoon destination with an attitude of 2050 m and spread along the banks of the River Beas located in the Northern state of Himachal Pradesh in India. The tourism was started in the early 20th century. Manali Served as the ancient route between India and China.


Manali is a cool atmosphere provides a perfect heaven and famous for adventure sports like Skiing, Hiking, Paragliding, Trekking, Rafting, and Mountain Biking. Tourists will enjoy the bike riding in Manali where you can hire two-wheeler for rent. Tourists will come from different places to enjoy this place.

Manali Shopping
Shopping In Manali

Manali is a great place for shopping especially Handicrafts, Shawls, Woolen Wear, Rugs, Artificial Jewellery, Jackets, and Pickles. The Mall Road comes in first place for shopping destination in Manali. Coming to food, Manali offers street food like Bombay Bhelpuri, Samosas, Bread Omelette, Momos, Gulab Jamun, Noodles and Paav Bhaji. Tourists will try this food when they visit in Manali.

Manali Snow
Snow In Manali

Manali is 365 days a year destination where in Winter season, Manali is the best place to enjoy Snow and temperatures might goes down to minus 1-degree celsius. It is advisable to avoid the rainy season because of landslides. In the summer season the temperature between 10 to 25-degree celsius.

Manali Festival
Festivals In Manali

The major festivals in Manali are Dussehra and Hidimba Devi Festival. Every year visitors are increasing and enjoy with their friends and families. Basantotsava is a colorful festival celebrated here.

Manali is known for Buddhist Monasteries and famous tourist place are Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass, Hidimba Devi Temple, Vashist Temple, Manu Temple, Manikaran and Great Himalayan National Park.

Best Places To Visit In Manali :

Solang Valley :

Solang Valley or Snow Valley is the hub of adventure sports and famous tourist spot with a height of 8500 ft above the sea level located between Solang Village and Beas Kund. This place is covered with lush green trees and multicolored flowers. On the top of the hill, you will find Lord Shiva Temple.

Solang Valley
Solang Valley

Solang Valley attracts many visitors both in Summer and Winters. The Mountaineering Institute has installed a ski lift for training purpose. There are many adventurous things to do in Solang Valley are Paragliding, Zorbing, Quad Biking, Skiing, Ropeway, Mountain Biking, and Horse Riding. The Winter Skiing Festival is held every year.

Solang Valley Games
Adventure Games In Solang Valley

For those Adventure lovers, this place is perfect to enjoy with your friends and families. When you go to the top of the hill, you can see the entire city and that gives a different experience. There are many resorts and hotels to stay near Solang Valley.

Rohtang Pass :

Rohtang Pass
Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is an ultimate place with a height of 3980 meters situated on Manali to Leh highway or 51 Km from Manali. Rohtang Pass is a part of the proud Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas. The Rohtang Pass serves as a gateway to Leh – Ladakh.

Rohtang Pass offers a spectacular view and served as an ancient trade route for travelers. Even it is also part of the National Highway 21. The pass is open between June and October whereas the remaining months are covered with snow. It spots more than 25 Lakh visitors every year. The permission to travel on this highway is given by the Indian Army.

Rohtang Camping
Camping In Rohtang

Rohtang Pass is a place for nature and adventure seekers. Many movies have been shot here like Jab We Met and Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. Tourists can enjoy various kinds of adventure activities like Mountain Biking, Ski Ride, Snow Scooter, and Skiing.

Bullet Rohtang
Bullet Ride In Rohtang Pass

There is a Permit fee for Vehicles. Moreover, Permits are not issued on Tuesday because of maintenance. You don’t have any accommodation so you can pitch your own tent and relax under the stars. While traveling to Rohtang Pass it’s better to carry your own food.

Hidimba Devi Temple :

Hidimba Devi Temple is also called as Dhungri Temple is an ancient cave temple which was built in 1553 by Raja Bahadur Singh located in Manali of Himachal Pradesh. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Hadimbi wife of the strongest of the Pandava brothers. The temple is 24 meters tall and consists of three square roofs with timber tiles. The Shikhar also has a fourth brass coned shape at the top roof.

Hidimba Temple
Hidimba Devi Temple

Hidimba Devi Temple is in Pagoda style. Interestingly, the temple does not contain any idol shows only footprint on a stone. The temple is surrounded by cedar forest. Every year, lakhs of devotees visit this temple. The door of the temple is beautiful carvings of the image of Goddess Durga.

Hidimba TEmple Snow
Snow At Hidimba Devi Temple

The fair dedicated to the deity Hadimba every year in the month of May 14th as celebration of birthday of deity. At this time they will celebrate with music and dance. Another traditional ceremony called the ‘ghor pooja’ and ‘Bahadur Singh Re Jatar’. Even a fair is held every year in the month of Sravan. Dussehra is also a famous festival in Manali.

Vashist Temple :

Vashist Temple is a 4000 years old temple and famous for Hot Water Spring located in the Vashist Village across the River Beas. This temple is dedicated to Sage Vashisht. The temple is built of sandstone and the interior is decorated with beautiful carving on wood and ornamental along with paintings.

Vashist Temple
Vashist Temple

The special attraction of this temple is they believed the hot water springs have medicinal value. This water is said to cure skin problems. Moreover, there are separate bathrooms for male and female devotees. Nearby another ancient temple known as Rama Temple.

The major celebration of Vashist Temple is Dussehra festival for 7 days. Outside the temple, you will find a number of shops offers woolen clothes. There is accommodation to stay near to temple.

Manu Temple :

Manu Temple is an ancient temple and only temple dedicated to the King Manu in India which rebuilt in the year 1992 as in the Pagoda style of architecture located in old Manali in Himachal Pradesh. Manali is named after the sage Manu who was the creator of the human race on the earth.

Manu Temple
Manu Temple

Manu Temple stands on the banks of Beas River adds to its attraction. To reach the temple, one has to pass through the slippery stone paths about 200 meters. Mostly, Manu temple was worship by local people of Manali who offer prayer every day.

This temple said that Manu meditated at place after stepping on earth. When you enter into the temple visitors must wear clothes long enough to cover the knees and shoulders. There is a huge fair called Phagi is held in the month of Feb or March.

Manikaran :

Manikaran Gurudwara
Manikaran Gurudwara

Manikaran is also known as Manikaran Gurudwara is a pilgrimage destination for Sikhs and Hindus were stands with an altitude of 1760 M located in the Parvati Valley along the banks of river Parvati in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is famous for the natural hot springs and attracts several people.


Manikaran is famous for its Manikaran Gurudwara Sahib, associated with Guru Nanak ( Founder of Sikhism ). According to past, Shiva and Parvati decided stayed here for some time. Goddess Parvati lost her earring fell into the river. Even they searched many times but unable to find then Lord Shiva opened his third eye and destroyed the universe. So the name Manikaran came from mani and Parvati.

Cook Food In Hot Springs
Cook Food In Hot Springs
Hot Water Spring
Hot Water Spring

The hot water springs contain sulphur where it cures diseases. There are separate baths for men and women. Even they cook food from the hot spring water like rice and etc. Moreover, Manikaran Gurudwara gives free langar food that you must try when you reach to Manikaran. Many people also donate rice and atta. They serve chapattis in hands, not on plates. Interestingly, women should cover their heads with dupatta whereas men will cover with handkerchiefs.

Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva

There are Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Ramchandra situated in Manikaran. This place is most visited by tourists in Himachal Pradesh. Before you entered into the Gurudwara, you must pass through Bridge built across Parvati River. The best time to visit Manikaran in the months of April to October.

Great Himalayan National Park :

Great Himalayan National Park is on the UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the best national park in India were established in 1984. The park is spread in 754 sq Km with an altitude of 6000 M located in the Kullu district in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Great Himalayan National Park

The park is home for 375 species of flora and 800 species of fauna. The Ecozone has more than 15,000 households in 160 Villages dependent on GHNP’s natural resources. This is picturesque surrounding by the deodar, mohru, kharsu and Oak trees. The park has the largest population of Himalayan Tahr. There are many wildlife species are Snow Leopard, Blue Sheep, Wolf, Himalayan Black Bear, Musk Deer, and Serow.

Inside Park
Inside Park

Great Himalayan National Park offers trekking, hiking, and camping to the visitors. Moreover, you can also walk in the Ecozone and enjoy the nature. It usually takes 8 days to trek and you will find some adventure activities like Rock Climbing, Fishing, Rappelling and etc. Tourists can enjoy camping where feels like Night under the stars. There is no Hotels, Forest rest house, and Restaurants. So when you visit carry your own food. More important don’t spoil nature. Even there is a temple spot in GHNP are Hanskund, Srikhand Mahadev and Raktisar.

Camping Park
Camping Inside The Park

Tourists will enjoy this place and take a break from busy life. Visitors should carry tents also. The best time to visit this park from the months of April to June and September to October.

Tibetan Monastery :

Tibetan Monastery
Tibetan Monastery

Tibetan Monastery is one of the oldest and famous tourist place in Manali. There are two main monasteries are Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa and Himalayan Nyingamapa Gompa. This showcases the rich culture and history of the Tibetan Community. This monastery is run by local people through donation.

The Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa was constructed in the year 1969 which is located near the mall in Manali. This monastery is known for the statue of Lord Buddha and Wall paintings. This architecture represents Tibetan Style.

Himalayan Nyingamapa
Himalayan Nyingamapa Buddhist

The Himalayan Nyingamapa Gompa is a Buddhist Monastery situated close to Mall Road in Manali. This architecture represents Pagoda Style. The temple is the idol of Sakyamuni in a meditative posture.

Rotating Wheel
Rotating Wheel

These monasteries are surrounded by small shops selling beautiful handicrafts and carpets made by Tibetan people. Even it also runs a Thanks School of Arts and a Carpet-Weaving Center. Interestingly, the Kalchakra that is the wheel of life is fixed on the wall to represent the human life cycle. Visitors believe that rotating these wheels gives you salvation.

Tourists can enjoy the shopping here. This gives different experience by seeing those architecture.

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