Ooty Tourism | Best Places To Visit In Ooty

Ooty Tourism
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Ooty Tourism | Best Places To Visit In Ooty

Ooty is also known as Udagamandalam or Ootacamund is a hill station with an altitude of 2240 Meter above sea level located in the Nilgiris Hills of Tamil Nadu. It is also referred to as ‘Queen of hill stations’ and headquarters of the Nilgiri District.


The Nilgiri Hills also called as Blue Mountains which is surrounded by lush green forests, scenic landscapes, lakes, and waterfalls. Ooty is a very popular destination for couples and honeymooners in India. The climate of this town attracts many tourists every year.

Nilgiri Hills
Nilgiri Hills

Ooty economy is mainly based on tourism. Ooty is a town and municipality which is connected by the Nilgiri Ghat Roads and Nilgiri Mountain Railway. Moreover, it is one of the manufacture of medicines and also photographic films. Many Tollywood and Bollywood movies shoot at this place. If you remember the hit song of Shahrukh Khan ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ has been shoot at top of a train.

Ooty greenary
Ooty Hills

The journey to Ooty is a memorable trip for tourists. When you enter the hill station, you can observe lush greenery, tea gardens, eucalyptus trees, and mountains. Visitors can enjoy this place with their friends and families. There are numerous tea estates and factories in Ooty. There is a special flower named Kurinji flower that blooms once every 12 years.

Ooty Adventure
Adventure Games In Ooty

Ooty is famous for trekking and adventure games. Interestingly, there is a Toy train connects the hill station with Mettupalayam to Ooty. Since 1899, this ride covers a distance of 46 Kms takes approximately 4 hours of time. The Toy train journey offers beautiful viewpoints, rice fields, and 13 tunnels with lofty hills.

Ooty Climate
Climate In Ooty

There is good transportation by Roads, Railways and Airways. Even you will find many hotels and resorts to stay in Ooty. The Tamil Nadu Tourism Department has been taking the responsibility of Ooty. There are three major festivals in the Ooty are, The Summer Festival, Ooty Mariamman Temple Festival were celebrated for all 28 days in February and Tea & Tourism Festival held in January. All these festival was organized and promoted by Tamil Nadu Tourism Department.

Ooty, Lakhs of tourists from different areas attracts this town. Even Ooty is famous for shopping. There are few shopping center are Charring Cross, Tibetan Market, Main Bazar, commercial street and etc. You will have lots of fun and observe that selling a variety of local products. You will find clothes for men, women and kids like winter wear, shawls, fashion accessories and spice shops like Jeera, Chilli, and Nutmeg powder.

Ooty Shopping
Shopping In Ooty

Coming to food, Ooty offers street food and restaurants. There are many restaurants even you find Hyderbad Biryani and Spicy Kebabs. Visitors find different varieties of chocolates. By seeing those chocolates kids definitely fall in love and try to eat more chocolates but chocolates would be too tasty.

There are many places to visit in Ooty are Ooty Lake, Botanical Gardens, Dodabetta Peak, Pykara Falls, Tea and Chocolate Factory, Rose Garden and Wenlock Downs.

Best Places To Visit In Ooty :

Ooty Lake :

Ooty Lake is a manmade lake that was artificially built by John Sullivan in 1824 AD which spread over an area of 65 acres located in the beautiful hill station of Ooty in Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu. This lake is used for fishing purposes. The average depth of the lake is 40 feet.

Ooty Lake In Ooty
Ooty Lake

Ooty Lake is surrounded by Eucalyptus trees and greenery. The lake is very popular for its boating and the boathouse opened by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development. You will see paddle boats, motorboats and rowing boats here. So tourists enjoy this place with their friends and families. A large number of honeymoon couples also visit this place and doing paddle boat.

Ooty Boating
Boating In Ooty Lake

Ooty Lake offers Cycling and Horse Riding around the lake where visitors have fun. Even there is a mini-train for kids were travel around the lake. Moreover, the famous Summer Festival organized here hosting boat race. So Ooty lake attracts lakhs of tourists from different regions and also heavy crowds during this festival in Ooty.

Mini Train In ooty
Mini Train

There is a wax museum situated close to the Ooty Lake showing Indian history, culture, and heritage houses. Even this place is famous for shooting spots were few Tollywood and Bollywood films have been shot at this place. Those who are photographic lovers, so this is a must-visit place for them and enjoy. There are few shops outside selling flower seeds, woolen clothes and toys.

Botanical Garden :

Botanical Garden is a unique collection of flowers and trees spread across an area of 55 acres was designed by the architect William Grahan McIvor in 1874 AD located in Ooty. This garden divided into five different sections such as Fern House, Italian Garden, Lower Garden, Conservatory and Nurseries.

Botanical Garden In Ooty
Botanical Garden In Ooty

Botanical Garden has 650 species of plants and trees cultivated here. This place is heaven for nature lovers. The highlight of the garden is a fossil tree were people believed to be 20 Million years of old tree. It stands one of the oldest botanical gardens in the country.

Inside The Garden
Inside The Garden

Flower Show is conducted here in the month of May. At this time Botanical Garden attracts many tourists. The entire garden is decorated with Indian and Japanese decoration. The garden has herbs, Shrubs, bonsai plants, and ferms.

Botanical Garden Exit
Garden Exitway

Tourists enjoy this place and spend 2 to 3 hours here. Visitors go for nature walks and take photographs. There is a small shop while exiting the garden selling the trees and seeds for low cost. So it’s better to buy seeds and trees there while compare to city cost.

Dodabetta Peak :

Dodabetta Peak
Dodabetta Peak View

Dodabetta Peak is the highest peak in south India with an altitude of 2623 Meters located in Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu. There is a telescope house with two telescopes at the peak. These telescope house is managed by Tamil Nadu Tourism Development.

Telescope View
Telescope View

Dodabetta Peak is surrounded by dense forest. From the peak point, you can see the view of Chamundi Hills. This place offers amazing trek spots and picturesque location. So visitors who came to Ooty they must see this peak. There is a small restaurant offers tasty food at a cheap price.

Tourists love this place and enjoy with their friends and families. Tourists from different areas are attracting to this place because of its highest peak in south India. There is good transportation by Roads.

Pykara Falls :

Pykara Falls is one of the most popular picnic spot which is located in Ooty state of Tamil Nadu. Pykara is the name of a Village were Pykara river flows. These waterfalls drop into two separate with a height of 55 Metres and 61 Metres.

Pykara Falls
Pykara Falls

Pykara Falls is surrounded by dense forest and Toda Settlements. Swimming is possible at upper cascades but it is dangerous at lower cascades. There is a boathouse and you will find a restaurant near to falls. Those who are photography and nature lover they really love this place and enjoy.

Tea and Chocolate Factory :

Tea Factory or Tea Museum is a must-visit which is spread over an area of 1 acre situated on Doddabetta Road in Ooty. The Chocolate Factory is also located adjacent to Tea Factory. There are many Tea Gardens and Factories in Ooty. I promise you will get better chocolates from Ooty.

Tea Factory
Tea Factory

Especially, Visitors can learn the entire process of tea and chocolates. There are many different types of Tea and Chocolate products such as Green Tea, Black Tea and etc. While in Chocolates you will find dark chocolates, Handmade chocolates, Liquor chocolates and etc.

Chocolates In Ooty

Tourists can taste the sip of Tea and Chocolate for free. You can take photographs and videos. Tourists can be observed clearly how machines process the fresh tea leaves and if you have any doubts you can ask them. There are a few shops where you can buy packed Tea products and packed Chocolates. Never miss this factory when you visit to Ooty.

Rose Garden :

Rose Garden is a beautiful garden and considered as the largest rose garden in India with an altitude of 2200 Meters which was established in 1995 situated in the Ooty state of Tamil Nadu. It is also known as the Jayalalithaa Rose Garden. This garden was maintained by the Government of Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department.

Rose Garden In Ooty
Rose Garden In Ooty

The garden covers an area of 10 acres of land and has more than 2800 variety of roses. Interestingly, It is received the award of Excellence in 2006. There is a platform from where you can see the entire garden called Nila Maadam.

Rose Garden View
Rose Garden View

Tourists can find rare exotic roses and also a few roses having colors like Black and Green. The best time to visit the Rose garden is between March and June. There is show conducted in Ooty Rose Garden is a hyped event where many people from all over the state come and attend this event.

Wenlock Downs :

Wenlock Downs is one of the best shooting spot which spread across over an area of 20,000 acres of lands situated on the way to Pykara in Ooty state of Tamil Nadu. This place consists of Vast expanse of lush green meadow over natural landscape.

Wenlock Down
Wenlock Down

Wenlock Downs is popular known as 9th and 6th because it exactly situated at the 9th or 6th mile from Ooty. There are many movies including Tollywood, Kollywood and Bollywood has been shoot at this place.

Tourists enjoy this place and take a view of Nilgiris. For those who loves photography, I surely support this place. For those who are planning to come to Ooty, never miss Wenlock Downs. Even it is famous for trekking spot. Visitors go for peaceful walks and enjoy nature.

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