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General Rules :

  • The website is available only to individuals who are at least 16 years old. All those individuals under 16 years of age will need a form from their parents before posting any material.
  • Always be respectful of other users and the systems.
  • If anyone posting another member’s personal details like emails etc, without permission will be banned.
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  • Do not post any content related to nationality, gender, religion, sexual orientation and another status.

Submission Guidelines :

Travelgang always supports to welcome travelers to share their amazing experience with us.Moreover you are allowed to include ypur website links at the end of your post.Submissions should be original content and also you are allowed to write the author’s bio at the end of the post.

Third-Party Website :

This website includes information from both directly and indirectly to the third party websites.Travelgang is not responsible if you link to third-party websites or any damage that access to these third party websites.

Photos And Videos :

  • Make sure uploading image should be exclusive not to be SPAM.
  • Photos of people with insulting captions should not be added.
  • Nude photographs and Videos should not be included or uploaded, a action should be taken.

Privacy :

Travelgang believes strongly in protecting user privacy.Please refer to Privacy Policy.

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Please send any questions or comments regarding this website to [email protected]

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